Basket of some innovations that we handle



NAXEON I AM. is not just a mode of transportation, it is a design masterpiece. Featuring state-of-the art technology to keep you connected and safe on the road, I AM.'s aesthetic has been developed to create an unprecedented statement in urban mobility. I AM. is essential, futuristic and bold. It is a work of art where every line and curve has been meticulously crafted for maximum aerodynamics and visual appeal.


Hudson Automotive, is an innovative tech company that integrates hardware products and software services based on innovative technologies R&D, intelligent manufacturing and omni-channel sales services in the light commercial vehicle market. Hudson Automotive holds several international patents that make its products exclusive and high in value. Hudson Automotive implements a strategy of entering the European market through the best market players. Having the ability to listen, adapt and continuously improve.


Esagono designs, builds and distributes electric vehicles with European approval N1 Category..
Esagono is an authorized vehicle production company (CUNA) and has ISO 9001-2015 quality certification, ad proof of the entire product management process. 

The production of the cehicles is carried out in the Esagono plant, where all the components, all made in Italy, are integrated. Esagono vehicleds are distributed through a network of Partners who ensure commercial and after sales assistance close to customers.

Thinking Woman

Change of perspective and revolution in thinking. Thinking Woman has created cutting-edge intimate cosmetics that cover all the needs of the female intimate area, through the development of a line that combines pleasantness with cosmetic sophistication. Research and development laboratories in a continuous innovative and patented formulary development use revolutionary functional principles never thought of or proposed for intimate application.




QUICKTAKESTORAGE's solutions that clients can accelerate transformation of their storage and cloud infrastructure and resolve a range of IT and business challenges, such as multi-cloud data management, data protection, storage optimization, and compliant data archiving with the most stringent international standards on sensitive data. QUICKTAKESTORAGE is an Italian-US company, innovating over its competitors in technology and cost containment in an ever-growing market that all companies around the world will increasingly need.



Real-time Emotional Relief. Antsy is the first emotional and psychological support app to give you real-time relief with no subscription obligations, designed to take care of your daily well-being easily and immediately. Whenever you need it, Antsy's network of certified and selected psychologists will be ready to listen to you



A new material with capabilities not yet expressed on the market, a material that starts from bio-ceramics and through process innovation and knowledgecomes to be an innovation applicable in different markets and verticals. Leality is a new material developed through an innovative process with the aim of providing healthy clothing made of bio-ceramics aiming at ensuring therapeutical treatments to enhance a general improved wellbeing via the reduction of water molecules, known as clusters, to a digestible size, and thus activating Far Infrared Rays acting like a natural stimulator on cells and muscle tissues.



MiSposto is an innovative moving service, accredited by the Intesa Sanpaolo Casa Group, that connects consumer needs with the best movers in Italy, managed, however, by a single operations center that can coordinate and guarantee the result. It is possible for the user to access the service directly from the Misposto website or the Intesa Sanpaolo Casa website without necessarily being their customer.



Slim, tone up and say goodbye to back pain with 20-minute sessions. Health and fitness from the very first training session. StoreFit can have you reaching goals in no time. Health and fitness from the very first training session. StoreFit can have you reaching goals in no time. Whether at StoreFit centers or at the client's home or office, Storefit reaches out with everything you need. Each workout is tailored to the 'goal by an experienced and qualified personal trainer who constantly helps, motivates, and makes training successful.



GenGle is the first social network dedicated to Single parents to give them, and their accompanying children, the opportunity to make a new circle of friends.


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