We talk your talk,We walk your walk

Whether selecting a potential investment, wheter promoting your idea to investors and entrepreneurs we will tailor our capabilities to precisely support your venture. Becouse we talk your talk. Then our task will be to translate it, to be able to link worlds and planets which deserve a different culture. And in doing so we will adapt skilss and abilities through our four key principies of good customer service: personalized, competent, convenient and proactive.                                        This is what we mean with we walk your walk.

Incubators & S.T. Parks

  • Scouting Startups
  • Supplier & Mentor selection
  • Program framework definition (incl. Milestones and roadmap process)
  • Intake process
  • Incubator Partnerships & Affiliations development
  • Venture Mentoring programs
  • Post-incubation services
  • Efficiency and effectiveness review and adjustment implementation
  • Workshops
  • Investor readiness assestment
  • Growth readiness assestment
  • 1o1 with expert

Startups & Companies

  • Funding strategy roadmap
  • Market testing & Go-to-Market
  • Strategy partner linkages
  • Support with raising bank finance, grants, seed, and venture capital
  • Access to venture capitalists, business angels, corporates via tailored:
    • Investor Days
    • Roadshows
    • Open Innovation Programs
  • Negotiation mngt and execution
  • Exit strategy and planning

Fundraising & Go-to-Market

  • Business model canvas & Co.
  • Pitch & Operating support
  • Gap & Risk Analysis
  • Workshops develop. & delivery
  • Entry & Growth Strategy
  • Structured Startups Profiling
  • Investor Readness Assessment
  • Growth Readness Assessment
  • Expert/Industry focus 1 to 1
  • Providing independent advice on valuation

Regular investment     reporting

E-Quilibrium through its N2C Service "Need 2 Complete" constantly monitors the progress of the activities and related results of the Company/ StartUp , with the aim of making clear, substantial and consistent the Business path pre-figured at the stage of capital injection by investors.

For investors:  An external party conducting regular reporting enables investors to monitor its investment based on financial plan shared at the time of the investment and take action when needed in order to ensure its investments can be improved at the right timing once the company could need its intervention,

For the companies: Accurate and regular reporting and analysis help the company understand owned finances and milestones reached/unreached.

E-Q Need 2 Complete model is based on a systematic structure that is adapted to each distinct business and agreed upon financial plans.

International opportunities to/from Europe

Internationalizing a company is a major undertaking, but if approached methodically and thoughtfully, it can transform a company and lead it to incredible opportunities.

 Choose the country of expansion

  • Conduct a market analysis
  • Plan for market entry
  • Assess market position
  • Fine-tune products and services
  • Assess core competencies
  • Analyze supply chain and value chain options