Some projects we are proud of


Gov. Authority Chongqing Intl. Logistics Hub Park on the People's Republic of China territory

On the opening day of the fifth Western China International Fair on May 18th, as the China-Chongqing Complete Vehicle Port Automobile Industry Ecological Circle Development Summit Forum was held at the Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the "100 Acre, 10 Billion" New Energy Vehicle Industry Ecological Circle Action Plan was officially released by the Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park. As the implementation basis of this plan, the introduction of industrial chain enterprises has also been continuously carried out. Taking this forum as an opportunity, the park reached a cooperation agreement with Italian E-Quilibrium Co. (hereinafter referred to as the Italian EQ Company), and witnessed by Vice Mayor of hashtag#chongqing City Zheng Xiangdong, Italian Consul General in Chongqing Guido Bilancini, and Head of the Commercial Office Giuseppe Laganà.

ELITE Italian Stock Exchange program for training and mentoring Companies.

E-Quilibrium had the acknowledgement and responsibility of being engaged as technical faculty for ELITE Startup Lounge, the Italian Stock Exchange Program on behalf of ELITE Network, with INTESA SANPAOLO and SDA BOCCONI. 

Ms Officio and Mr Ferrari have addressed the topic of "Team Management and OKR Objectives aligned with the Vision for a sustainable Growth".

意大利证券交易所 ELITE 计划的技术教师

Financial & Entrepreneurial evangelization on behalf of the European Union

E-Quilbrium had the acknowledgement and responsibility of being engaged as technical faculty for the TRANSDAIRY Living Lab project on behalf of the University of Campania in Italy and the European Union

Ms Officio and Mr Ferrari have addressed the topic of "Building Financial Projection" in a multi-month teaching course.


Electric vehicle automaker AIWAYS joins the Italian market

Through the operations of E-Quilibrium and its partners in the People's Republic of China, The innovative start-up in electric mobility has landed in Italy through the import and distribution of the Koelliker Group, an Italian company that has been involved in the Italian automotive market for more than 50 years. Aiways says about itself :" We are a Chinese mobility startup, founded in 2017 . Our team brings together a wide range of skills with diverse backgrounds, professionals from the internal combustion engine era are joined by innovation-oriented managers in the field of sustainable mobility."


Electric vehicle automaker SERES Drive joins the Italian market

California-based Seres, a subsidiary of China's Sokon Industry group, has entered the Italian market, albeit pending launch, thanks to E-Quilibrium's international operations. The Seres automaker is known for having purchased the U.S. Hummer off-road vehicle plants and especially for being the first automaker in the world to have started joint production with a company engaged in mobile telephony, specifically Huawei and Seres in 2021 presented to commercialize the commonly developed SF5.

电动汽车制造商SERES Drive加入意大利市场

Coordination of international architectural firms for the Sino-Italian smart city cooperation zone of Jiaxing

E-Quilibrium had the honor and burden of officially engaging on behalf of the Jiaxing City Government and the Most Illustrious Mayor Mr. Mao, the Italian architectural firms of international dimension, Progetto CMR; Pininfarina Design; and Marco Piva Arch. to design an area overlooking the Yangtze River in Jiaxing Province where to build the first Sino-Italian Smart City.


Our voice in EMEA's most important Innovation Hubs

Ms. Alessia Officio on behalf of E-Quilibrium is in demand at multiple events, investor days, across the European continent, as a Senior Mentor and market analyst of considerable repute. As mere examples, some  Innovation Hubs, where Ms. Officio, has intervened creating value are PoliHub - Innovation District & Startup Accelerator, Station F Paris, Hammersmith & Fulham's LondonImpact Hub, Techstars, B Heroes.


The 7th Europe-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economy Forum in Ningbo

The 7th Europe-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economy Forum , aimed at deepening exchanges and cooperation among members of the Silk Road Agreement, was held in Ningbo. According to the World Bank, the blue economy is "the sustainable use of resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, while preserving the health of ecosystems. The forum was attended by more than 80 guests from around the world, including Mr. Roberto Ferrari on behalf of E-Quilibrium as well as officials from the United Nations. They discussed the regional economy development model, the theme of the forum, through topics such as policies, practices, resource management and business involvement.


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